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Our  office is located in the heart of Yangon, 4 mins away Shangarila, 15 mins away from airport and easy access to most of the government office. Excel Tower is a landmark in Yangon and is right in the heart of Yangon City. For more information of our other services, please click below.

If you are visiting Yangon and interested in meeting us for our services, please feel free to contact us.

We can assist you in the selction of office space including staff accomodation for long or short stay, please feel free to contact us for any enquiry.

If you looking for an agent in handling your import and export documentation, please kindly contact us for further information.


We are here to assist our clients to be successful investor as our company's growth greatly depends on our clients success. We are delighted to introduce our clients in every aspect in order to speed up their business progress and business development. We strongly believe our clients growth is a measurement of our success.

Due Dilligence

We are able to provide you analytical report for your investment reseach purposes. If you are interested in such service, please kindly click below.

Managing operational is never been easy in Myanmar. With the high rental cost, language barrier, culture differences, high hotel rate and time taken in travelling, allowing us to manage your office is an option to speed your business development in Myanmar.

Storage Space

We can provide storage space for short and long term purposes, This will allow you to save cost and time for small orders, espescially for 1st time or one off transactions. if you are interested in such services, please kindly contact us.


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