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Representative Office

     A Representative Office is to allow foreign companies to conduct market research, feasibility studies and liaison work on behalf of its parent company. Representative Office does not require maintaining accounts or filing tax returns.  The key purpose of setting up a Representative Office is for company with interest in investing in Myanmar and making present to liaise with their counterpart and clients before committing and incurring high maintenance costs.


     Representative office is good for exploring the viability of doing business in Myanmar, this helps you better evaluate the possibilities of doing business in the country without committing funding, evaluation of the local culture, the legal environment, business practice and sentiment of the market behavior. Representative office only permits to market and promote activities on behalf of the parent Company. Representative Office is not permitted to import/export and provide any services for a fee. The following documents is required for registering a Representative Office as stated below;

i) *Certificate of Incorporation

ii) *Memorandum and Articles of Association

iii) Original copy of the resolution

iv) List of Directors

v) *Appointment Letter/power of attorney for authorized person

vi) Myanmar office address

vii) Home address of the director and shareholder

viii) Passport of the director and the authorised representative person

Viiii)* Annual report or audited financial statements of the company fo previous two years.

*Indicates documents that must be notarized and certified by the appropriate authorities of the resident country and by the Embassy of Myanmar in that country)

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