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About Us

     YSC was founded in 2015, we have been in a unique position to witness the ever changing administrative environment in Myanmar. We are well equipped with our extensive experiment in understanding the Myanmar regulatory system and government administration procedure. Following the market opened in 2012, we started to gather feedback from many of our corporate clients to determine what is most relevant to their needs. The most common request was for a comprehensive guide on how to establish their present in the new frontier market without going through the tedious study in understanding the culture and custom. Many companies have struggled in establishing their operation and the “know how” in Myanmar, with our guides and assistant, clients is able to establish their operation in a much more efficient ways.

With our dedicated service and commitment, and with our deep understanding of corporation culture, concern, compliance, governance, and etc… we are totally obligated in assisting our clients in achieving their mission and goals, in more cost and time effective ways. We are able to support customers with information about anything from who to talk to in government to where to find a good restaurant in town. Through our understanding of the local laws and ways of working, our team can set someone up with minimal fuss and disruption to the incoming business, and give them the flexibility to expand or contract as required. As companies continues to look for more cost-effective ways to expand their business into the emerging markets, with our strong administrative support, organisations will able to focus more on the core of their activities.

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