Foreign Company

     Foreigner is allowed to register a wholly foreign enterprise in Myanmar. Under the Myanmar Companies Act, a 100% foreign owned company is required to obtain a Form 1 permit. A Form 1 permit is generally renewable every five years and requires approval by MIC. At present, no registration certificates or permit for a foreign trading company (distributing and selling products) are issued or renewed. The government did not announce any notification of such prohibition. A limited company has both memorandum and articles of association. The articles of association may include special voting rights and other minority shareholder protections. Care must be taken by foreign investors in prescribing the powers of the managing director, etc. There are no nationality or residence qualifications applicable to directors unless otherwise prescribed in the articles of association.

Individual Application

i) Two passports copy of the director and shareholder

ii) Residential address of the director and shareholder

iii) Myanmar office address

iv) Myanmar contact number

Company Application

i) *Certificate of Incorporation

ii) *Memorandum and Articles of Association

iii) Original copy of the resolution

iv) List of Directors

v) *Appointment Letter/power of attorney for authorized person

vi) Myanmar office address

vii) Home address of the director and shareholder

viii) Passport of the director and representative

Viiii) Annual report or audited financial statements of the company fo previous two years..

*Indicates documents that must be notarized and certified by the appropriate authorities of
the resident country and by the Embassy of Myanmar in that country)

Minimum Director         : 1 

Minimum Shareholder   : 1

Company Secretary       :not required

Registered Address      :Required

Company Tax              :25% 

Permit Validity             :5 years

AGM                           :First AGM 18 months, thereafter 12 months

Audit                          :Annually

Financial Year end        :31st March

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